#DITLife: June 28, 2017 – Last Day of School!

10:15am – Sitting here waiting to give out report cards to some sophomores. Today I got up at normal time, swung by a fancy donut place for a treat for my department, and came to school. It’s been super laid-back today since kids just come in to grab their report cards and leave. Some of the seniors have come back just to say hi, and the staff is all being very relaxed and casual.

I stayed until 6pm last night packing up my room, so there’s not a ton left to do today. A few odds and ends need to make their way into a locker and then we’re good to go.

Just requested the certificate for an optical exam, and I found a new dentist. Summer is this amazing time where I actually get to take care of my health and to-do list. Everyone jokes about how we get summers off, but that time is really the only way this job is manageable. It’s not like I can schedule appointments during the day if I get here at 7 and leave at 5.

12:02pm – Our hours are officially up, so I have to turn off my laptop and stow it for the summer. We have an end-of-year happy hour and then I get to relax for a few days.

This July I have an MfA conference in NYC, my Desmos Fellowship in San Francisco, and TMC in Atlanta. Then in August is a wedding in Seattle. The rest of the time will be spent being as lazy as possible while catching up on video games and TV. I’m so excited my head is spinning.

Adios for the year! Here’s to next year being calmer.

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