#DITLife: June 12, 2017 – LAST DAY OF CLASSES!

7:44am – It’s probably bad that I’m writing this when I didn’t finish my reflections from last month. In fact I don’t think I even finished my blog post. I was doing a thousand things and all of them were stressful and I was very unhappy. But now everything is done and I’m in much better spirits!  It helps that the seniors keep coming by to ask me to sign their yearbook. It’s a nice way to end the year.

Last week we had the senior camping trip Monday through Wednesday, and I think I’m still trying to catch up on sleep. Every day last week I’d hit a wall at like 4pm and have to go home and sleep. But this weekend I was able to finish grading my last set of Algebra 2 quizzes, so now I just have to tally homework and review a rubric for their presentations. This year my students either took the IB exam back in May, or are taking the Regents exam on Friday, so I have no finals to grade this year. And because of my responsibilities with the Senior class I’m not going to Regents grading. It’s not such a bad deal.

8:51am – Just finished my last Algebra 2 planning meeting for the year, where we basically just talked through some logistics for the end of the year and exams. Now I’m sitting in a senior study hall room signing yearbooks and entering some last grades. I should probably be more stressed than I am about various end-of-the-year things, but after the year I’ve had I kind of just want to take it easy. Or at least as easy as I can given the fact that I have so many little things to take care of. But I also have come to think that “cramming” isn’t super useful in most cases.

1:31pm – The problem with these DITLife posts is I get distracted by shiny things and wander off. During my fourth period break I wanted to visit all of the different senior electives that we offered to see how they were going. But that then turned in to long conversations with the college counselors about the school. Then during my Financial Literacy elective, I showed the kids “The Big Short” because I figured I couldn’t teach them anything.

The problem is that I got a message that seniors were just wandering the school, landing in whatever classroom they happened to find. I know they’re seniors and it’s their last day of high school, but I think that rules exist for very specific reasons. When stuff like this happens it infuriates me because I think we give them a lot of freedom, and they’re still abusing the privileges. I’ve learned to pick my battles, but it still puts me in a bad mood.

I’ve got one more Algebra 2 class to teach and then I’m done teaching for the year.

2:36pm – And I’m done teaching for the year! We still have exams to proctor, and there’s one more day at the end of the year where kids are here, but the heaviest lifting is over. Now we just have to collect their textbooks…

4:43pm – I’m not really sure how I kill time in this building, but it’s time to leave. I didn’t finish all my grading, but there’s only one thing really I still have to do. And make a DeltaMath assignment for Regents Review. But right now I’m off to MfA for a conference planning workshop. Woooooo.


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