#DITLife: May 16, 2017

7:41am – Yesterday was a gorgeous, wonderful day. Today it’s supposed to be high 80s. I’m bracing myself.

Today is the second-to-last day of IB exams. I meant to write a post on May 4 when my kids took their Studies exam but I ran out of time. Which is ┬ámy mantra for this year. This Grade Level Leader job is taking up ALL of my time and I hate it. Like right now, I have to plan the first two 90-min blocks for this financial literacy course I’m doing, but instead I have to finalize class lists and and work through Graduation-In-Doubt stuff, all while also trying to plan and teach Algebra 2. I hate that every blog post is me complaining about how overwhelmed and busy I am. I’ve already decided I can’t do GLL next year, but I want to communicate that with the principal, but the idea of writing an email that isn’t just “F@&# everything about this” is exhausting. I need to remember that I really, truly do love teaching, and I need to find ways to get back to focusing on that.

Today I have two proctoring assignments and two classes. In Algebra 2 we’re reviewing the midterm kids took last week (that I have yet to grade).

10:31am – Proctoring went ok. It’s just so damn boring.

Algebra 2 was also a pretty light lift, just letting kids work on their own.

11:09am – I’m in a place where I have so much work, but I’m actually being less productive. I can’t focus on anything.

11:47am – I’ve found myself in a room with a bunch of kids sort of helping a teacher, which is amusing but I’ve gotten even less accomplished.

12:11pm – Finally moved to an empty room with just me and one other teacher. Managed to make some course lists for the Post-IB rooms, but it’s kind of messy because I have no idea how many kids are going to show up.

3:33pm – Lunchtime. Today has been weird. After my 9th period I helped another teacher in their advisory to have conferences with students about what IB courses they’re taking next year.

*** I never got around to finishing this blog post because I got pulled in three different directions and then had a meeting to get to. Any reflection I would have written would have been super negative though. I was in a super, super bad place in May.***