#DITLife: November 23, 2016 – Thanksgiving Break

This post is part of the “Day in the Life” project by Tina Cardone.

7:33am – Got to work about 20 minutes ago and decided to finally complete my reflection from my last Day in the Life Post from last week. The blogging throughout the day isn’t so bad but the reflections require thought that I am struggling to find time for. Or I guess struggling to find time to actually type out. But it was good, and gave me a chance to reflect on some things from the last month.

For the rest of this morning I have to try to read some Extended Essays since my projected scores are due today. I also have to go through and approve topics for my IB Studies class, and create an answer key for an Algebra 2 test I gave last week so that we can norm the grading during first period. Right now I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed because I have 10 letters of recommendation to write by next Tuesday. So basically this weekend isn’t going to be as relaxing as I need it to be.

But today is a dress down day!! Normally we have to wear a shirt and tie to work, so jeans and a hoodie make things easier.

8:56am – The norming meeting went well. I think everyone is exhausted at the moment so we’re all low energy. Right now I’m sitting in my IB Studies class while they look for a topic and data for their internal assessment. I’ve encouraged all of the kids to do a statistical investigation because the process is very straightforward for them. While they work I’m looking at topics that have already been submitted and approving/commenting on what they have. The deadline for a topic is today, and I want to make sure I get approvals out quickly so kids can start working (not that I expect them to over the long weekend).

10:27am – Planning period time. I was able to approve several of the topics in my second period, which was good. And I think my Algebra 2 lesson on quadratic forms and sum/difference of cubes went pretty well. I’m really proud of how well kids are doing with polynomial division. I gave them an exit slip today and the large majority of kids really get it and had the right answer. And the most common mistake I saw was figuring out the remainder. All my stress about if I was doing the right thing has been alleviated.

Now I really have to read the EEs and get those graded. I’ve been putting it off forever because I hate grading essays, but my grades are due today. So off I go.

11:38am – So I gave feedback for more internal assessment topics, looked at Twitter a bit, and ordered lunch. I did not finish reading these EEs. My ability to procrastinate on things is reaching quite remarkable levels. Off to class for sixth period and then a meeting during seventh and eighth. We have a fire drill during ninth period even though it’s freezing out, so the kids are just going to love that.

12:38pm – Time for a Grade Level Leader meeting. Studies class went well, with kids having some idea of what their project will be. They’re struggling a bit to find good data sets, but we’re having productive conversations about it. Now I just worry about what will happen in December when they have a thousand other things to do.

2:59pm – Nothing throws off a lesson quite like a Fire Drill. But I still managed to get through most of my lesson, they just didn’t have a lot of practice time.

The meeting during lunch was frustrating, mainly because I had a hard time keeping my temper. I teach at an amazing school, and I get super defensive when people take issues with certain things. But I think that’s more a sign that I’m not good in a leadership position right now.

5:01pm – Finally, FINALLY finished grading the EEs. It took about an hour and a half of half unfocused time. It’s really, really difficult to focus on essays, I don’t know how english teachers do it.

I’m playing trivia with some co-workers tonight but I’m going to head home and see the cat and the boy first.


I just wrote a reflection last Wednesday, not much has changed since then.



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