Tweet yo’ self: MTBoS Mission #2

I’ve been on twitter for years now, joining back when it first appeared. I have a habit of joining whatever the new thing is (although I’m not on Vine yet because I can’t be bothered, and my Instragram is really only used to follow the exploits of attractive male actors). I just passed the 8,000 tweet mark. I tweet a lot.

Until this year my feed was almost exclusively TV critics. I’m a TV junkie so that’s how I kept up on what was happening on Homeland and Mad Men and whatnot. But Sam introduced me to the MTBoS and so I started following all the teachers he recommended. My feed is now 50-50 TV updates and Teaching updates (which is only confusing sometimes). And I have to say it’s the most amazing resource I’ve found so far. Blog posts are wordy and I get behind on them really, really quickly. But quick links on Twitter appeal to my 30-second attention span. It’s also great to see experienced teachers post a quick update about what’s going on in their classrooms that wouldn’t necessarily warrant a whole blog post. Something simple like “Students did better on the test than I expected, whew!” helps give a sense of community that is very much needed after some of my long days. And as a first year teacher I take some degree of relief in seeing experienced teachers go “Well that was a shit-show”.  It’s also incredibly helpful to have quick conversations about things. I’m not sure how to post the exchange, but I just had a quick conversation with @justinAion about bathroom policies. Nothing world-shaking, but interesting nonetheless.  

I had a post about this earlier, but to reiterate, my twitter handle is @stoodle.  My tweets are usually protected. I’ve debated a lot about this with myself and bounce back and forth between protected and not. My biggest problem is, unlike my website, my twitter handle is pretty well tied into the rest of my digital footprint, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with someone being able to see everything about me. Especially when I’m bitching about school. Or just bitching about life.  But I’ve decided that for the duration of this mission I will unprotect my tweets, and maybe pick up a few hundred new friends. If you’re reading this feel free to give my feed a perusal. And I will try to do the same. 

Currently I’m super-behind on the Comments section of these missions, I hope to rectify that within the next few days. But at the moment I’ve got 60 projects to grade and three lessons to plan while also compiling a mock regents, all before bed! 


4 thoughts on “Tweet yo’ self: MTBoS Mission #2

  1. Questions/comments

    Your remarks about tweets versus blogs sound like you and I have the exact same read on their nature and the exact opposite reaction about which is more appealing. I feel like I need the space a blog post provides to read and understand what the writer is getting at. I also need that space myself as a writer.

    You refer to protected tweets. How is that done? I think that there are a few of my students who have found my blog and my id there is my twitter handle. If I do end up engaged in tweets, I am not sure how open I want it to be. Any advice there is greatly appreciated.

  2. Why on Earth are you writing a blog when you have all of that on your plate to accomplish yet? I can see the danger in getting addicted to this community, but it has such great rewards as well. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to hearing more of your stories.

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